Sunday, August 9, 2009

Simple Tips For The Morning

IF YOU"RE LIKE MANY PEOPLE, the start of the day isn't your favourite time. So here are some tips you can sneak into your routine without much effort. Try at least one of these tomorrow.

1. Stretch every extremity for 15 seconds. Try this before you open your eyes. Lift your arm and begin by stretching each finger, then your arm. Repeat with another arm.

Then your toes, feet, ankles, and legs. end with a neck and back stretch that propels you out of the bed. You've just limbered up your muscles and joints and enhance the flow of blood through your body, providing an extra shot of oxygen to all your tissue.

Brush your tongue for one minute. There's no better way to rid yourself of the morning breath and begin the day minty fresh. Hundreds of bacteria take up residence in your mouth every night, so just brushing your teeth alone isn't going to vanquish them.

Drink a glass of water. Remember, you've been fasting all night long, so you wake each morning dehydrated.

Check your morning calendar. Have a large calendar or whiteboard in a prominent position in the kitchen. On it, write everything you need to know for that day. Check it each morning as you sip your coffee. It will help you to avoid the stress of forgetting something important.

.Kiss all the people you love in your house before you leave. Connecting with the ones you love soothes stress and gives a positive start to your day.

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